Name: Yeates, Rodney Nationality: British



Time from - to: 12/2004 to date Company: Freelance
Function / Title: Medical Writer / Translator Country: Germany / Dietenheim

Therapeutic Area(s):   Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Dermatology, Cardiovascular,
                               Gastroenterology, Diabetes

Memberships:             European Medical Writers Association,
                                Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer (BDÜ)

Work Experience:
  • Preparation of documents for clinical trials
  • Clinical trial reports and bioequivalence studies
  • Congress reports
  • Preparation of Study Protocols
  • Scientific Articles
  • Translation, editing and writing for a variety of indications, including dentistry, cancer, antibiotics and cardiovascular medicine
  • Translation of Medical Trial Documents for multicentre studies

Time from - to: 01/2001 – 11/2004 Company: Freelance
Function / Title: Translator and Medical Writer Country: Germany / Dietenheim

Therapeutic Area(s):    Oncology [Essentially All Areas] / Infectious Diseases /
                                Cardiovascular /Gastrointestinal Drugs

Work Experience:
  • Preparation of Regulatory Documents,
    15 different chemotherapeutic agents, several gastrointestinal agents
  • Study Reports,
    Bioequivalence of formulations of antibiotics, antimycotics and anti-inflammatories
  • Scientific Articles,
    Prostate cancer treatment
  • Literature Reviews of Numerous Chemotherapeutic Drugs,
  • Overviews of Side Effects of Essentially All Drug Classes
    Antibiotics, antihypertensives, prostate cancer treatment etc.
  • Reports of scientific meetings for the Council of Europe
    Assurance of blood transfusion supplies, pathogen removal, etc

Time from - to: 01/1980 – 12/2000 Company: Pfizer
Function / Title:  Pharmacokineticist
 Country: Germany / Illertissen

Therapeutic Area(s):   Infectious Diseases / Cardiovascular / Antimycotics / Bioequivalence /
                               Migraine Treatment, Diabetes, HIV, Cirrhosis

Work Experience:
  • Study Planning,
    actively involved in Phase I unit, particularly in planning of pharmacokinetic and
    equivalence studies
  • Responsible for analytical laboratory with GC and HPLC. Quality control of analytical data
  • Validation of new methods
  • Introduction of literature methods
  • Study Reports,
    Writing, editing and critical analysis of study data
  • Scientific Articles, (See attached list)
    47 publications, including 23 as principle author. Editor of innumerable other publications
  • Animal Studies,
    Director of small animal facility, with rabbits, rats, mice, dogs and pigs
  • Development of Formulations in Collaboration with Pharmacists,
    Development of intravenous, oral and suppository formulations
  • Drug Interactions,
    Several publications on interactions between sedatives and antibiotics
  • General Statistics,
    Particularly with reference to bioequivalence studies. Close collaboration with a statistician
  • Individual Differences in Drug Metabolism,
    Development of screening method - one publication. Collaboration in work on
    genetic database. Comparison of Japanese and Europeans
  • Animal Models,
    For example, effect of antidiabetic drugs on glucose tolerance
  • Accumulation of Drugs in Skin, Hair and Sweat,
    Accumulation of antimycotics
  • Effect of cancer and AIDS on pharmacokinetics
    Article published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
  • Effect of cirrhosis on pharmacokinetics
    Interactions between kidneys and liver
  • Gastrointestinal Transit Measurements,
    Metal detector and metal ball used to measure transit
  • Basic Research on Drug Tolerance,
    Problem of nitrate tolerance solved
  • Mathematical Modeling of Pharmacodynamic and Pharmacokinetic Effects,
    Multicompartmenal modelling
  • GLP,
    System set up for animal facility
  • GCP Support in setting up system for Phase I facility

Time from - to: 02/1976 – 01/1980 Company: Swiss Tropical Institute
Function / Title:  Scientist Country: Switzerland / Basel
Therapeutic Area(s): Malaria
Work Experience: Study Planning, Study Reports, Scientific Articles, Animal Studies

Time from - to: 03/1973 – 01/1976 Company: Medical Research Council
Function / Title:Scientist / Immunologist Country: UK / London
Therapeutic Area(s): Immunology, Development of a new ELISA method
Work Experience: Antibody Measurements, Animal Studies


Date Diploma / Certificate / etc. School / Institute / University Country
1972 PhD Oxford University UK
1972 MA Oxford University UK
1968 BA (First Class Honours) Oxford University UK


Mother tongue: English
Other languages: German (excellent), French (basic), Italian (basic)